In cooperation with 17 other escaperoomcompanies we have established Creators United. A team in which we have taken on a couple of different projects and some that are still in process.

Evadere Societatis is an online escape tournament, consisting of 4 rounds. Teams of 2 to 6 persons can join this event. The battle will start on december first and will play out over the coming next 4 months. Every round has a set of puzzles to solve that will slowly reveal the story behind Evadere Societatis. The winning team at the finals will receive the prize pool, a trip to a special uninhabited island and free participation to this secret society.


Habitat for Humanity supports people in other countries with their own home or building so they can live independent and better life than before. For this foundation we assisted in building an online escape game, to show the succes of their projects in a unique way. The game is playable in four different versions at the moment: Dutch, English, Irish and international. Meanwhile we have joined their second escape game project, coming out at the beginning of 2021.

International Version: www.habitatonlineexpeditie.nl/en


Driven By Value is an organisation made to build a sustainable future. We assisted in building an online game full of new puzzles, made for players to create more awereness for the environment and the impact small changes can have on the future. At the moment the game is still in the designprocess, but more information will follow after it is finished.

PPink is a day-care organisation, consisting of professional pedagogues. Commissioned by PPink we have had the possibility to make an escape game. One specially made to show the world these professionals and the amazing work the do and have done. Made for all puzzle fanatics and of course the pedagogues themselves.