We are staying open, but with some measures

For the customers:



When having a stroke, cold or other illness complaints, you will stay at home.


Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of the game

To prevent the crossing of multiple groups we ask you to arrive 5 minutes before the start. It will of course be possible to park and wait outside.


Please don’t stay too long after the game has ended

This is also hard for us, because like the aftertalk, but unfortunatly this is not allowed for the time being. After the game we need to desinfect and clean the room for the next possible groups.


Desinfect your hands

Before playing it is obligated to desinfect your hands. We have a special system with infraredscan at the entrance, so you won’t have to touch anything.


1.5 meters distance 

If you are not a family or household, members of your group need to stay at least 1.5 meters away from eachother.


The maximum number of poeple within a group:

  • For a family the maximum number stays at 6.
  • If you are not a family or household the maximum number of your group can only be 4, because we can’t guarantee a save distance within the escaperooms otherwise.
  • For the ‘Outdoor Escape Adventures’ there is also a maximum of 4 people within the same group. Although more groups of 4 people is still possible.


The use of our toilet and consumptions 

We are not selling consumptions for the time being.

Use the toilet only when needed, but it is recommended to go before leaving home.


Follow the instructions of our staff 

You are deemed to listen to the staff at all time. Please also keep at least 1.5 meters distance between yourself and our staff.



In our reservationsystem we make a distinction in families and non-families. Please be cautious when making a reservation.


Measures we take as escaperoom company:

To limit the spread of the virus we as staff follow the advices of the RIVM within our building.



We have enough desinfactionmaterial for every visitor to use. And of course we will use them as well.

After every game all attributes of the room, the locks, keys etc. will be desinfacted.


1.5 meters distance

We will try to ensure a save distance between the staff and the distance between staff and visitor. But we will need your help too.


Washing hands 

After and before every game, everyone is obligated to wash their hands.


Face masks and gloves

We offer every visitor free face masks and plastic gloves to wear inside our building. This is not obligated though. Of course you can use your own masks and gloves if you would prefer.


Easily canceling 

If you are feeling ill or in doubt at the last moment, it is possible to cancel your reservation. Unfortunatly we can not return your payment, but instead we will offer you an unlimited voucher to reserve a new date for play.


If you are still having some questions about some measures, please contact us by phone or mail. We will gladly answer them.

We thank you for understanding and hope to welcome you again soon.