Are you looking for a company outing or some fun teambuilding exercise during these times? Our new remote games are the perfect replacements to do so. You can play these games specially developed for company usage from €15,00 per person (exclusive BTW). In these games communication and teamwork are essential. By means of an external communicationsoftware you will be able to use audio- or videocall. We recommend the use of Zoom, Teams or Skype. It has been experienced that it is a lot of fun to work together in new ways with colleagues.


By purchase of these games you will receive a confirmation email with a proof of purchase. Afterwards we will send you your unique logincodes to be used on the website.

Large groups

For large groups from 50 to 1000+ people we advise to contact us by mail or call. Would you like to first try a demo of the game, please also contact us.

The Pegasus Project

Groups will be devided in teams with a maximum of 5 persons. You will be able to classify your teams yourself. Each teammember can login at the W.I.S.E mission hub. We will send you a code to do so, therefore it is not needed to create an account.

The will take about 60 to 120 minutes to complete and can be played in Dutch, English and some other languages. You will only need a pc or laptop and an internetconnection. The game can be played from 2 people to 1000+ people at the same time.

The Mission

Three scientists from a bio-tech company ‘Spider Technologies’ mysteriously died. We have sent our best agent to investigate the case. However he has vanished without a trace. To you and your team it is the task to solve what happened with the scientists and also the whereabouts of our agent. After that you must find out the secrets of The Pegasus Project and reveal them to the world. Good luck!

Museum Escape Online

Museum Escape is a new online experience in which you must solve a set of puzzles with your team to protect a couple of musuems from cyberattacks. It can be played by all ages, so get together with your friends, colleages or family en pave the way through this hacker system , in about 2 to 6 hours. This is an exciting game based on real life museums in which every player has to fill in a role. Take this challenge, because… we need you!

The Lost Memory – Business Edition

At one day when you are entering an attic, it turns out there are all kinds of items lying around. Together they will tell a story from long ago. Follow the story with your team and find out what has transpired years ago. A set of difficult puzzles are ready for a creative team to be solved.